The Seekify Mission

To make each human Interaction a wow experience.
We transform the way customer facing teams interact with customers and turn your agents into superhumans.

A Story To Tell And A Solution To Offer

Customers today spend more than ever before. They are also spoilt for choice more than ever before. You can’t win them over with price or features - those are taken for granted. They want to feel special, they want an experience.

In today’s personalized economy, customers simply expect more. Because of technological advances, they expect you to know everything about them and tailor their experience accordingly.

But for businesses to offer a great customer experience is not easy. They are struggling to meet these expectations. They are dealing with too many different needs, too many touchpoints, too many software, too much data - too much everything! Complexity is their enemy here. A businesses’ people, processes and tools cannot cope with such complexity. There's no single pane of glass to manage siloed data and deliver the right customer experience without losing the human touch.

Imagine that you have a single pane of glass. One that allows you to deliver that wow customer experience. An experience that is automated without losing the human touch. What if you have deep insights into everything that impacts your CX- all the dependencies, all the levers? What if you could set the NPS targets but also link it to manageable KPIs? And then automate actions to help you hit those KPIs. Imagine if you could create wow interactions every time.

We easily integrate into your CX Softwares to aggregate all the data that drives your CX. Our platform helps you to set clear goals. We give you actionable insights from all your data. We don’t stop there and not only give you insights but also automate the actions needed to improve your CX. Seekify helps you automate your CX without losing your human touch. We help you deliver the wow experience.

Our Team

Coming from a rich experience of building startups, Seekify’s founders: Ajeet & Arihant, have an expansive understanding of how technology can transform businesses and delight consumers. They have spearheaded large scale software implementations in several countries across the world that have helped automate and improve CX. Their last startup, Joe Hukum, was a global pioneer in chatbots and was sold to Freshworks.

The founders are joined by amazing and inspiring team members that are great engineers, data scientists, designers and just superheroes who don't need a cape!

Our Values

We believe that by striving for excellence in our processes, we can truly build deep relationships with customers and help them achieve their CX goals

Always give customers more than what they expect

Our origins are to help customers deliver a wow CX - so we must be able to do the same - ensure a wow experience for each and every customer. Become obsessed with the idea of delivering a great product that the customer is obsessed with.

Talent wins games, team wins championships

Individual commitment towards a group effort where none of us is as smart as all of us. We must direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible

We dream big. We believe in ourselves and the fire inside us to achieve these dreams. We have a growth mindset. And we have fun while doing it.

Not all superheroes wear capes

We’re all superheroes who are action-oriented and responsible. We believe in optimising for results and outcomes, not effort. In all of this - always remember the why. Why we’re here? Why we walk in every day? The Why is something we should always hold on to.

Be a better version of yourself

Don’t complain. Don’t come plain. Come in all colours. Celebrate the work you’re doing. Be authentic, be honest and be yourself. We believe in good people doing great things. Keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you see the world.


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